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Continuing Education at PAFA

Oil Painting All Levels (ONLINE) PT 601E_ON

with Frederic Kaplan


This special course is designed for students eager to get back to painting, but while keeping a safe distance.  Each weekly session contains 3 modules: the first is for beginners or those who need a refresher and covers all the basics; the second for intermediate students, and going more deeply into color, introducing a wider variety of painting methods, and providing additional technical information; the third is for more advanced students – those ready to develop a personal style and express ideas and emotions symbolically.  The course includes video and illustrated lessons, plus person-to-person discussions and live critiques via Zoom.  (See materials list for more information)

Note: This course is available for 1.0 credit for $525.

Learning Objectives

Beginning Module

  • Introduce alla prima (direct) painting techniques.
  • How to use a selection of basic materials.
  • Familiarity with the “feel” of oil paints and how to manipulate them.Introduction of a limited palette of colors, their properties, and effect in mixtures.
  • Elements of chiaroscuro and its use in realistic painting.
  • Realistic painting of elemental geometric forms.

Intermediate Module

  • Demonstrate several methods of starting a painting including wipe-out, grisaille, and imprimatur.
  • Color theory with emphasis on complementary and analogous color schemes.Introduce a broader range of colors, including transparent pigments.
  • Physical and optical color blending methods.Optical color mixing with glazes, velaturas, and scumbles.
  • In-depth study of painting mediums and oils.

 Advanced Module

  • Expressive and symbolic use of color.Mark-making as a descriptive and expressive tool.
  • Color as a spatial symbol and symbol of illumination.
  • Compositional techniques including the golden rectangle, composition grids, element relationships and unity.

Materials List Kaplan PT 610E_ON

Zoom Technical Requirements

  • Jul 6 - Aug 9th, 2020
    for 5 weeks

    Will run

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